The easily most dangerous behavior virtually all of us will engage in today, and pretty much every day, is getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.
While we don't really think about the odds of being maimed or killed in a collision on the streets and highways in the Yakima Valley, accidents do indeed happen everyday.

What roads and intersections are the most dangerous in Yakima County?

That was the question I asked Charlotte Layman. She works in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) promoting awareness of such emphasized initiatives like wearing a safety belt (Ever heard, "Click It or Ticket"?).
Charlotte directed me to a very interesting portal on the WSDOT website that crunches data from all collisions around the state of Washington.

The data can be sorted in myriad ways. I chose to search for collisions on all roads and highways in the entirety of Yakima County.

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Here is the Google map showing where accidents have happened this year that were either fatal or had serious injuries occur.


Most Dangerous Intersections in the Upper Yakima Valley


Most Dangerous Intersections South of Yakima and the Lower Valley

Hopefully, these roads are a bit safer while being much more scenic.
Be careful out there!

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