He might look a little old to be stealing a tow truck, let alone anything.

Stanfield Police nailed a would-be tow truck driver after his journey took him from Spokane, to Idaho, then Stanfield.

Police say 64-year-old Randy Krieg (pictured) allegedly took the truck from a tow lot in Spokane, even stealing a shirt from the company and trying to pass himself off as an operator. During his jaunt which included Idaho, he stopped for lunch in Stanfield, OR.

That's when it went south. This 'supposedly skilled' tow truck driver hit a parked car in the lot where he'd stopped. Stanfield Police then found out about the ruse when they ran his ID and plates.  He tried to pass himself off as an employee of the company. Now, he will just be enjoying his driverless time in the Umatilla County Jail.

If only he hadn't hit another vehicle, he probably would have gotten away with this.

By the way, he was driving on a suspended license.

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