Too much a good thing isn't always a good thing, right? Stacy and I took to the Facebook page this morning and asked you what the Tri-Cities doesn't need more of and we've compiled your best answers - let's see if you agree with our list:

We received over 90 comments on the Facebook page and you can check all the comments here.

Adam said: Less cookie cutter housing developments. I get the Tri Cities is growing and you are trying to make homes but our town is starting to look stale. And put some freakin businesses in between so it's not houses upon houses for miles! A restaurant or store here and there especially for the road 100 area.


Jeannie said: We do need a good water park .. something for the family to do that doesn't cost an arm and a leg .. we need more fun in this town that isn't just about drinking .. The fair use to be amazing and now it's not even that fun and it cost so damn much I don't even know how most families go .. and then to eat there use to be worth it and now you pay 16.00 for a plate of fries .. yet potatoes are so damn cheap.. they are spending nothing for product and yet charging a shit load to sell it .. but they probably have to cuz I'd guess they are getting charged a shit load to be there so we get overcharged for it .. trickling down effect !


Ashley said: Banks, freaking BANKS. have you ever BEEN to road 100? There's a bank on every corner.
I support those banks but like, there's SOOOO many of us living out there it would be nice to have like maybe I dunno a grocery store or a restaurant?! I know it's probably a zoning thing but city of Pasco needs to look into changing that.

The list and comments went on and on and we enjoyed some pretty obvious choices like less wind, less round-a-bouts, less traffic and people who know how to merge.

Feel free to add to our list here.

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