Were you up all night doing your dreaded taxes? Pssst, they're due today postmarked by midnight. Good news for you there are special hours for today only at the Pasco & Kennewick Post offices

(Photo From Flickr By: nyenyec)
(Photo From Flickr By: nyenyec)
The Pasco Main Post Office, 3500 W. Court St., will have lobby customer service hours until 10 p.m. April 15, and will collect tax forms until midnight.  The Kennewick, Wash. Main Office at 525 S. Auburn will service customers until 7 p.m.
Make sure you have the proper postage, especially if you have extra forms or schedules.  It costs 29 cents for the first ounce and 23 cents for each additional ounce.  One ounce is about four pages.

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