Are you a wine collector? A wine enthusiast? Or just a wine taster? We visit all the top wine tourism destinations in the Tri-Cities area of the Mid Columbia (including Prosser, Walla Walla and more) to give you reviews with humor, honesty and love!


We're Stacy Lee and Raleigh Hawthorne, radio DJs for Townsquare Media Tri-Cities. We love all wines -- French wines, Napa wines, and of course all Washington wines. Sometimes we visit local wine bars where we taste everything from Rutherford Merlot and Moscato to California Merlot and Bordeaux blends.

Sometimes we visit local vineyards and walk the hills checking out the vines or attending their spring barrel tastings. We love Skinny Girl Wine, Dreaming Tree Wine and Bobi Wine, but we believe people should familiarize themselves with specific American Viticultural Areas, like the ones we have in Washington state!

Someone who loves a Catalina Wine Mixer, Ubuntu Wine or Dutty Wine would also enjoy Kiona Vineyards, Tagaris Winery, Bookwalter Winery, Gooseridge Vineyards, or Gordon Estate Winery. The Prosser vintners taste different from the Walla Walla Valley vintners, but both are receiving international awards.

We also have fun attending events, tasting food specials, enjoying live music, and even staying at accommodations organized by vineyards to promote wine tourism. Whether it's joking about Redneck Wine Glasses, or brainstorming how to build a wood-pallet wine rack, we talk about EVERYTHING wine related.

If you have an idea for us, email us at or We'd love to try helium-infused wine, review wine aerators, and try some popular brands like Cupcake Wine, Apothic Red Wine Caduceus Wine and Stella Rose Wine. We're pretty sure you'll love our videos and will want to come visit us and explore Mid Columbia wines!

If you do come visit us there are vineyard-themed AirBnB options, so please check those out. But you'll be happy with the wide range of accommodations in the Kennewick area as well as surrounding Richland, WA; Pasco, WA; Walla Walla, WA; Prosser, WA, and more.


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