The driving while distracted law also known as the "cellphone law" is starting to see multiple citations for drivers who continue to use their cellphone while driving.

The law went into effect last July and the Washington State Patrol is reporting that the same drivers are being cited multiple times for using their cell phones while driving. It seems even with a ticket, the same drivers are being pulled over for the same infraction.

A first time offense is $136 but a second offense is $214. It seems even with the multiple citations, some driver still aren't putting down their cellphones while driving.

...and it's not just young drivers, older driver are also not putting down their phones.

WSP also states they send the infractions to your insurance company as well.

If you are still driving around using your cell phone while not hands free, you might want to rethink that as WSP has no problem issuing multiple citations for the infractions.

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