Two-year old Noah Joel really wanted to see his sick grandmother in the hospital. So he pulled a stunt that darn near gave his mom a heart attack.

The toddler from Hameln, Germany snuck out his room when his mother thought he was playing. Then he grabbed his trusty toy bike and paddled toward where he believed the hospital and his granny to be. For provisions, Joel filled a backpack with candy.

The sweets must have given him a lot of energy, because police found him weaving in and out of a road three miles away from his home.  Did we mention, the youngster was only wearing socks during his adventure?

“He didn’t really know the way to the hospital,” said a police spokesman. “But he blamed that on his bike for not being fitted with sat navigation.”

Joel was returned to his mother, who had frantically called police when she realized he had given her the slip.

Somebody get this kid a GPS system. Or maybe a leash.

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