Uncle Sam's Saloon, one of our favorite Kennewick restaurants, has closed their doors due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19. They are playing it safe while they get all of their employees tested for COVID-19.

Over the weekend, Uncle Sam's Saloon posted a brief statement on their Facebook page talking about the closure.

Uncle Sam's Saloon had been offering to-go orders but with the employee diagnosis, they are closing down until all their employees get tested for COVID-19.

Here is the Facebook statement concerning the closure from Uncle Sam's Saloon:

One of our employees tested positive for Covid. In order to protect the community and staff, we will close until the rest of the staff get negative test results. Thank you for all who have Supported us

There is no indication of how long Uncle Sam's Saloon will be closed but we are hoping for a quick resolution and a re-opening later down the road. You can check out more on the closure here. 

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