Bizarre: Pasco Police Apprehend Car Thief With Underwear On Their Head

Late last night, at approximately midnight, the proprietors of CM Motors, located at 200 S 20th in Pasco, were alarmed to witness an individual amid a car theft attempt on their premises.

Pasco Police Catch Their Own Captain Underpants In Car Theft Attempt

The vigilant business owners observed the perpetrator smashing the windows of two KIA vehicles in an apparent bid to abscond with them.

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Promptly responding to the call, officers arrived on the scene just as the thief was maneuvering one of the stolen cars out of the lot, only to be thwarted by the strategic positioning of a Pasco Police patrol car.

Subsequently, the thief abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot into the residential neighborhoods north of 20th and Lewis, initiating a pursuit by law enforcement.

credit: Pasco Police
credit: Pasco Police

Despite the thief's attempts to evade capture by traversing fences and navigating through numerous backyards, officers maintained their pursuit and successfully cornered the suspect.

Ultimately, the perpetrator was apprehended while hiding beneath a boat. Astonishingly, the thief, identified as a 15-year-old juvenile from Pasco, was found wearing underwear as a makeshift face covering. Yes, you read that correctly.

Facing the consequences of his actions, the juvenile culprit was duly booked into juvenile detention on charges of two counts of attempted auto theft.

It makes me wonder what happened to the good old pantyhose days.

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