Obviously our Eco-system is more complex than we fully comprehend, but it does make simple sense that bringing back the cougar population in the North West, could keep the deer population scaled way back! Why is this important?

Because, traffic accidents caused by deer running out onto the highways claim the lives of thousands each year.

Bounty hunts of cougars and mountain lions removed them almost entirely from the Midwest and eastern states by the early 20th century, which made the deer population soar across the U.S., particularly in the eastern states.

However here in the NW, we have problems as well.

A single cougar could potentially kill at around 250 deer over its average six-year lifespan, preventing eight collisions and saving nearly $40,000 in associated costs. Something to think about huh?

However, with this we have to consider the possible affects on livestock as well as human casualties! Gosh...It's just never easy to weigh the pros and cons!

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