Victoria Beckham and footballer bubby David Beckham got hot and heavy on the cover of the French edition of the December/January issue of Vogue, which the designer and former Spice Girl guest-edited.

Vogue Paris is molten!

The couple, known as Posh and Becks, is inches from a smooch on the hawt cover, with Becks looking down at his wife, full of five o'clock shadow as she tilts up adoringly, with her eyes slightly closed and her lips parted. They are a nanosecond away from a face sucking fest! The image was shot by Lady Gaga's pals Inez and Vinoodh.

There's a second cover, but it's not nearly as high drama or sexualized. You can see that one below.

The cover above offers a hint of how their four kids got here, while the one below is safe enough for their sons and daughter to view, it you need to contextualize it!

In the issue, Posh admitted that they couple has "had our ups and downs" but they remain "so proud of each other." She has become so much more than a former girl grouper; she is a true fashion icon and sought-after designer in her own right. And Becks? Well, who doesn't love the soccer star?

Posh took over the September 2012 ish of Glamour and did a great job, too!

Victoria David Beckham Vogue Paris

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