A celebrity mother is getting mom-shamed by the public once again. Victoria Beckham — a.k.a. Posh, a Spice Girl who will not be participating in the group's spinoff act, GEM — is under fire for an Instagram photo she posted on Sunday (July 10) in which she is giving her daughter, five-year-old Harper, a kiss. Seems innocent enough, right?

Well, grab your digital pitchforks and social media tar and feathers, people, because the photo is totally outrageous and perverted! Why? She's kissing her little girl on the lips!


Since sharing the otherwise innocuous family photo on little Harper's birthday this past weekend, the fashion designer has been dragged by commenters and media alike who have slammed the mother's show of affection towards her baby girl as disgusting and inappropriate.

"It's nice but you're not supposed to kiss you're [sic] children on the lips. I'm not trying to be rude but it's true," one clearly unintentionally rude (they're not trying to be, okay?) user wrote on Beckham's post, which has over 7,000 comments.

"That's one passionate kiss right there...Hope she gets so passionate with @davidbeckham," another skeeved-out person grossly commented.

Despite the negativity, however, countless fellow mothers have stepped in to show their overwhelming solidarity with the former pop star, decrying the idea that there's anything remotely sexual about the photo.

"I kiss my babygirl on the lips all the time, it's a natural thing," one mom told Beckham. "Ignore the terrible comments - this is unconditional love for your child :)"

"Anyone who has a problem w this pic either doesn't have kids or isn't close to them," wrote another. "I kiss my boys on the mouth every day all day and I hope they'll always let me! This is a sweet photo of a loving mama with her baby girl!"

Beckham is not the first celebrity mom to be publicly shamed for her parenting. Famous mamas like Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian have been criticized as "bad moms" for everything from undergoing IVF treatments to eating food to taking sexy selfies — because if there's anything more horrifying in this world than murder and poverty it's a mom who dares to express her sexuality. (A word of advice for those who actually hold that belief: Don't watch Fergie's video for "M.I.L.F. $".)

Even non-moms like Jennifer Aniston have been shamed for not even... being... a mom.

As for Beckham, we stand with the mother-of-four — we know all that you did was love, Posh!

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