Vitamin Water is certainly embracing the internet in their latest ad. In the spot, a man leaves his apartment to go search for their sweet, vitamin-enriched product. He is barely off his stoop when he’s confronted by a sexy sax man. (Who is unfortunately not playing the solo from ‘Careless Whisper.’) And look, there’s a fellow planking on the fire hydrant. Yep, internet fads (or memes) have come to life. 

By the time our hero has reached the convience store, he’s passed a ‘LOL pet store” and witnessed a stunning display of bike trick “fail,” among other memes. But the sexy sax man just won’t leave him alone. That is before he is vicously taken out be an antelope who appears from nowhere.

Vitamin Water in hand, the ad’s protaganist rides away on the antelope. There are Nyan Cats in the sky and Filipino prisoners dancing on the street.

Do you think this shameless pander to the web savvy is effective? It seems to have worked on us.

Any memes we missed?