Based upon information from AAA, and released by The Center Square, we are now paying at least (on average) $.75 more for a gallon of unleaded gas than in December.

Another two-cent hike this week, according to AAA

There are some areas of the state that are lower, and some are higher, but when you look a this week's average unleaded fuel prices in WA state, they've climbed again.

AAA and The Center Square reported this week another two-cent price hike, and now the state's average price for a gallon of regular unleaded sits at $4.59.

For three straight months, prices have climbed in WA since the carbon tax went into effect. The carbon tax charges business and industry for pollution, those who are considered polluters have to purchase carbon credits, which allegedly offset their emissions. These funds are then supposedly used to fight climate change.

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The Department of Ecology and Governor Inslee claimed the carbon tax would only result in price hikes of a few cents, but since January AAA data shows are have risen $.75 cents, and we are $.90 cents higher than the national average. That fell to $3.61 according to AAA.

Only CA, Hawaii, and Arizona have higher gas prices than WA state. AAA data, reported by The Center Square, says San Juan County has the highest average at $5.14 while Asotin County is the lowest, with an average of $3.89.

By comparison, Oregon's average price statewide (regular unleaded) as of May 2, was $4.11 according to AAA.   That price in Idaho? AAA says $3.73.


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