Many were rejoicing, at least a little bit, after Walla Walla police captured a pair of thieves, or porch pirates, who were seen driving away, and an alert citizen got their plates.

Police got a call from a citizen around 3:43 pm on Wilbur Ave. about a Nissan Altima seen driving away with two suspects who had taken some delivery packages off a porch.

When police tailed the easily identifiable vehicle (it had one of the hubcaps missing and other marks) they found not only porch pirates, but the suspects had a shotgun lying in the back seat. Azucena Gomez-Villapando, 24 of Walla Walla, and 24-year-old Christopher Lopez-Vasquez were not only facing 3rd degree theft, but unlawful use of firearms and drug charges. A search of their vehicle turned up enough evidence to merit the additional charges.

Police say a significant number of packages were recovered intact and the recipients notified so they could get them.

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