One of the casualties of the pandemic last year was Adam West Day in Walla Walla but the good news is that the day is back for 2021.

Adam West was born in Walla Walla and besides his many roles, he is perhaps best known for portraying Batman in the 1960's TV series.

The show is a classic and it's never gone off the air since its original run back in 1966.

The show is iconic and that's just one role West played back in the day. He's known for also being the voice of Mayor West on Family Guy and hundreds of other roles.

credit: youtube
credit: youtube

Adam West Day is a newer event for the area and this year will be the 4th Annual Adam West Day in Walla Walla.

The organizers have set Saturday, September 18th as the 4th annual Adam West Day.

The day-long celebration hasn't released a schedule yet but will in the following weeks.

Here's an example of past Adam West Day celebrations:

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Past celebrations have featured the Batmobile and a video chat call from Burt Ward who played Robin in the original TV series.

I'm not sure what organizers have planned for this year's festivities but I know it'll be a good one.

If you are a Batman, Family Guy, or Adam West fan, this is the day for you in Walla Walla.

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