Strong Start is a new statewide system tracking child development from birth to age 5.

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It's a FREE, safe and secure location for sharing your child's developmental information. Families, caregivers, and health care providers now have the opportunity to work together to support each child's development and can provide assistance with any needed support. The brain develops faster between birth and age 5 than any other stage.


“Universal developmental screenings play a critical role in ensuring all children have the best possible chance at a healthy future by monitoring important milestones in their speech, play, and motor skills,” said Michele Roberts, Assistant Secretary for Prevention and Community Health, DOH. “Strong Start empowers parents and caregivers to take direct action in their child’s health while also ensuring they can find the necessary resources for their children to thrive.”

Why should parents use Strong Start?

Strong Start allows parents, legal guardians and health care providers to share and store the screening information with each other. They can enter and edit information as the child ages. All involved can work together to best support the child's development and celebrate milestones.

The benefits of Strong Start:

It's FREE to use statewide. It's safe, secure, and confidential. It's a child's lifetime screening record that you can share with health care providers. Families and providers have access to the screenings no matter where they were done or when. It's a way for parents and providers to securely store, share, and track your child's developmental screening information.

Get started with Strong Start by clicking the button below.

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