Hear ye, hear ye! A floor debate for House Bill 2155 is in session.

This bill aims to legislate the designation of a state dinosaur!

Everybody, say hello to the Suciasaurus Rex.

A paleontologist spoke at the public hearing (see video below) and he said that the Suciasaurus Rex looks like a t-rex but was half the length.

It used to live on the San Juan Islands millions of years ago. Beachy.

We already have a state fossil: Columbia Wooly Mammoth and a state bird: Goldfinch. So now we just need a state dinosaur!

How did this bill come about? According to Congresswoman Melissa Morgan, a class of 4th graders from the Franklin-Pierce district, and their teacher, Amy Cole, found out during research for a class project that Washington state does not have an official dinosaur.

We shall have to wait until the next legislative session in January 2021 to see what becomes of House Bill 2155!

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