A Washington Police Officer got the surprise of his life when he got ready for work one morning.

We all know the dread of walking outside and finding a note on your vehicle when you get up in the morning.

Sergeant Darrell Nelson of the Sequim Police Department had that same gut feeling as he walked to his patrol car this week.

As a police officer, I'm sure we can imagine the notes left from time to time on the windshield wipers of a police cruiser especially one parked overnight in a neighborhood that could be potentially negative.

A note is so easy to leave behind, it's almost like today's current version of a keyboard warrior so I'm sure Officer Nelson might've been expecting the worst as he walked out to his police cruiser.

You see, Officer Nelson parks his Police vehicle in his driveway after work. He got up this week to a different surprise then what I'm sure he was expecting to get in light of the current situation across the country.

Imagine his surprise when the neighborhood kids left letters and notes of encouragement for him.

Nelson wrote on Facebook post reads:

"I have my work car parked in front of my house, and three young people left these on my hood."

Thank You Letters

These kids were very thoughtful, it's nice to see that love still makes it through all the hate. I think these neighborhood kids should be commended for their thoughtfulness and I'm sure they made Officer Nelson's day. Those kids left behind the best message ever - be kind.

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