Washington State Is A Popular Place For The TV Show Cops To Film

It's hard to imagine that the COPS TV show is now in its 33rd season which kicked off on March 4th. That's over 1000 episodes so there were bound to be some episodes filmed in Washington State so we went trolling and pulled the best of the best.

Several Episodes Of Cops Features Spokane And Spokane Valley

Sadly, COPS hasn't filmed in Pasco. Pasco's Police Department has some of the funniest Facebook posts that have gone viral and whenever you read one of the Pasco Police's posts, it reminds you of the TV show. If COPS was smart, they'd film so episodes in the Tri-Cities.

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Pasco Washington Would Be A Great Place For COPS To Film A New Season

COPS has filmed extensively in Washington State before so we've compiled six of the best takedowns by the boys in blue. It is interesting to note that California, Texas, and Florida seemed to be featured more often than other states but Washington is easily in the top 10 filming locations for the show.

Deputy Benjamin Stolz, of the Spokane Valley Police Department, patrols the area near a motel parking lot. He approaches two men inside of a vehicle for suspicious activity but the driver quickly takes off and the passenger runs toward the establishment. Deputy Stolz chases the male suspect and tackles the suspect to the ground. While in custody the male suspect states he has illegal narcotics on him. Deputies find heroin and a large amount of cash in his possession. The suspect denies selling illegal narcotics but confirms he has a substance abuse problem. He is charged with drug possession and an active warrant.

Our second featured video is Deputy Hairston with Spokane County Sheriff's Office attempts to stop a vehicle for failure to maintain his lane. The driver of the vehicle refuses to stop, and pursuit ensues through a parking lot. The suspect blows through a stop sign continuing to swerve around vehicles. The vehicle enters an apartment complex, and the driver tries to bail out. Deputy Hairston runs up to the vehicle and is able to tackle him to the ground. Backup arrives and detains the passenger. The driver says he was just going to get food and then headed home. He explains that he was never running from the Police and wanted to make sure his car was parked at home. The suspect is booked on felony charges. The passenger says he didn't know why his buddy decided to run.

Spokane Deputy Joe Bodman backs up a deputy who has stopped a truck that left a known problem house. As the truck is pulled over Deputy Thurman notices some shuffling between driver and passenger. When the female passenger is pulled out Deputy Thurman searches her purse and a meth pipe is found. Deputy Thurman asks if she is hiding anything on her and she pulls out 2 bags of meth from her bra. She insists driver gave it to her to hold as she begins to cry uncontrollably. The driver is questioned and denies it's his. A search of truck finds pellet gun, nun-chucks, brass knuckles, a mask, shaved keys, possibly stolen goods, credit cards, needle in the visor, etc. Both are arrested.

Spokane County Deputy Kullman assists in a pursuit of a stolen vehicle. After a brief chase, the fleeing truck is disabled with a spike-strip and pinned in after a successful PIT maneuver. The driver holds hands up out of truck and deputies take him into custody. The truck is searched and 5.1 grams of meth is found under the passenger seat. Both driver and passenger are arrested.

Deputy Mark Brownell of the Spokane Valley Sheriffs Department receives a call – a man is running around the neighborhood screaming. The man is located in a backyard tangled in a fence, he is delusional and yelling nonsense.

Spokane County Officer Brandon Lynch makes a bike stop and the suspect lies about his name. He has a warrant and tries to run. After a scuffle, the suspect begins to lose consciousness. The officers quickly administer Narcan after they find meth needles and other paraphernalia. The suspect is taken to the hospital to be cleared before going to jail for his warrant resisting and assaulting an officer.

COPS' disclaimer "Cops is filmed on location as it happens. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law."

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