How Many Washington Residents Have Been On The TV Show "Survivor"?

I can't believe it's been 45 seasons of Survivor already. I remember the first time I watched the show back in 2000 and you could almost say with that it was the start of reality TV as we know it.

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Do You Remember These 12 Survivor Contestants From Washington State? We Do!

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Because the show has been on the air for 23 years, there were bound to be contestants from Washington State. Jeff Probst, no stranger to Washington State, as he grew up in Bellevue Washington, already reps the Evergreen State.

Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment
Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Through the years, several contestants have hailed from Washington State. My good friend Michelle Schubert from Yakima competed on season 33 of the show and made it to the jury panel.

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As Season 45 begins, I see that 23-year-old Brandon "Brando" Meyer of Seattle Washington will compete.

I thought it would be fun to dial back the clock and take a look at 12 infamous and famous contestants who have competed on Survivor from Washington State.

Let's see how many of these Washingtonians you remember on America's favorite reality show

Here Are The 12 Contestants From Washington That Made It On Survivor

Only 12 contestants from Washington State have made it on the TV show "Survivor"

As you can see, plenty of Washingtonians have participated in Survivor. As Season 45 starts, it looks like we'll be rooting on Brandon Meyer on this season!

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