Study Reveals Top 5 Deadliest Driving Maneuvers in Washington

Fall is here and Winter is around the corner and we know how the changing weather conditions can make driving a little more dangerous in Washington State.

Dangerous Driving
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What Is The Most Deadliest Driving Maneuvers in Washington State?

Sadly when you do get into an accident, it can have deadly consequences. I'm one of those drivers that realizes that you only have a split second to think and sometimes doing the right driving maneuver can mean the difference between life and death.

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So What Is The Best Maneuver To Use When Trying To Avoid An Auto Accident?

A new study from personal injury lawyers from Zinda Law Group. The research focuses on driving maneuvers that led to fatal accidents involving two cars or less and they discovered that the deadliest driving maneuver in Washington State is going straight.

It is also twice as dangerous to turn right in Washington compared to the national average. Every fourth fatal crash in Washington happens after negotiating a curve.

55% of fatal car crashes in Washington State happen after drivers go straight. This is lower than the US average of 62%. Negotiating a curve here is the second most common driving maneuver before a deadly accident, accounting for 25.6% of them, compared to a national average of 20.6%.

Other leading maneuvers that occur right before an accident with at least one heavy casualty are: turning left (7.4%), passing or overtaking another vehicle (3.7%), and changing lanes (1.8%).

Meanwhile, turning right in Washington is almost twice as dangerous as the national US average. 0.85% of US fatalities occur after turning right, whereas, in Washington, this rate stands at 1.61%. This makes Washington the 3rd most dangerous state/district in the US for this maneuver, after Nevada (2%) and New York (1.79%).


A spokesperson for Zinda Law Group commented on the findings:

"The fact that the vast majority of fatal crashes in the US happen because drivers simply go straight highlights the importance of not panicking behind the wheel. It can also be lifesaving to be especially aware of carefully negotiating curves in mountainous areas."

If you have been in an auto accident, you'll know the importance of staying calm. The best thing you can do when navigating bad roads is to stay calm and be vigilant and careful on the roadway.

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