If you are looking for a stunning place to get away to this winter, this amazing Airbnb rental near Wenatchee Washington will make you feel like you are in a movie.

credit: airbnb
credit: airbnb

I watched the new Lindsey Lohan movie over the weekend on Netflix and I was sucked in. I love a good romantic comedy no matter how cheesy it might seem. The one thing about romantic comedy movies is the locations seem to be out of a fairy tale.

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I discovered this amazing Airbnb near Wenatchee Washington and the moment I saw it, it made me think of those romantic movies and their stunning set locations. I saw this property and was blown away because it looks like something out of the movies and you almost expect a movie star to live on this property.

Located near Waterville Washington and Wenatchee Washington, this Airbnb is unbelievable with amazing views.

Here is what the listing says about this property:

The villa is ideal for a romantic getaway for two guests. Our completely open floor plan features a glass shower, free-standing tub, and modern kitchen all with panoramic views of snow-capped mountains and the river below. Our deck is legendary - soak in the views from the jacuzzi or our lounge chairs, and cozy up in front of the fire pit. All of these are specially designed for you and your loved one to enjoy, with total privacy.

Even though Earthlight™ feels utterly secluded, the historic town of Waterville is just 15 minutes away. Head over for some shopping or have lunch with friends. Should you wish to travel further afield, Earthlight™ is about 40 minutes by car to Wenatchee, 45 minutes to Chelan, and 1 hour to Leavenworth.

 Take a peek inside:

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Peek inside this amazing Airbnb rental near Wenatchee Washington

If you've been thinking about the perfect holiday getaway, this property might be the place for you. I feel like Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart could bump right into you on this mountain and you never know, you can live out your own Rom-Com fantasy in a place like this.

Get more details about this Airbnb listing here.

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