Over 25,000 people rocked out at the Gorge this weekend.

It's 3-day Country Music Festival that brings folks from far and wide so it's interesting to see what the crime stats and complaints stack up for a weekend of this size.

Grant County Sheriff's Department has the numbers and you might be shocked on the results.

Sheriff’s stats for #Watershed2019 from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning.

Around 25,000 people attended and these are the stats for incidents when a complaint was received by the Sheriff's Office and a report was generated.

911 Hang-up: 2
Abandoned Vehicle: 1
Alcohol Offense: 3
Assault: 10
Citizen Assist: 2
Criminal Mischief: 2
Controlled Substance/Possession: 1
Disorderly Conduct: 2
Disturbance: 10
Indecency: 1
Lost and Found Property: 5
Minor in Possession: 2
Missing Person: 2 (both found safe)
Obstructing Justice: 2
Parking Problem: 2
Public Nuisance: 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance: 5
Traffic Hazard: 1
Traffic Offense: 7
Theft: 5
Trespassing: 10
Weapons Offense: 1 (one complaint of female with a knife. Unfounded)

These stats do not reflect medical incidents handled by on-site medical crews and these numbers are similar to prior years at Watershed.

The numbers are pretty good considering you have over 25,000 people partying and camping in the same locations over a 3-day period so here's looking forward to next year's Watershed.

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