Ever wonder if what you read on Wikipedia is true? Well, 'Weird Al' Yankovic sat down with Diffuser.fm and separated the truth from the lies in a game of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction.'

The 'First World Problems' singer dished on everything from the origin of his name to the subliminal messages in his music to his incredibly awkward run-in with Prince at an awards show. Check out some of the highlights below, and watch the full video above!

On his full name being Alfred Matthew Yankovic: "That is in fact my full name. My freshman year in the dorm… There were at least one or two people calling me 'Weird Al'. I don't know why," he revealed about earning his nickname, putting on a mock sad face. "People are cruel."

On his "beef" with Coolio: "This was close to 20 years ago, this is water under the bridge," Al said about the fact that Coolio didn't want him to parody 'Gangster's Paradise'. "Coolio has publicly said he's made too big of a deal about it and he's sorry. … It's fine."

On receiving a telegram from Prince's entourage saying not to make eye contact with the singer while seated next to him at an awards show: "That sounds like a joke, but that actually happened. … But I did send Prince back a telegram later that day, saying, 'Please don't establish eye contact with me, either. It goes both ways!'"

On the subliminal messages in his music: "This is true. I've done backwards masking twice," he revealed. "My friend [comedian] Paul Scheer tells me a story about how his mother actually smashed my 'In 3D' album because it had backwards masking on it, thinking it was evil and Satanic."

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