Once in awhile getting out of the shower or sleeping in bed something crazy happens and you have to address it quickly, naked. All you can think is, "I can't believe this is happening." Read our 10 favorite stories and share your own!

I was sleeping naked and my kitten jumped up on the bed and started clawing my girlfriend's hair. I had to get up and untangle it naked -- the more I tried the more the kitten thought we were playing and did it more."

I was in the hospital with a broken leg. Morphine makes you constipated so I hadn't gone No. 2 for six days. Five nurses came in, gave me a pill, then helped me to the bathroom where they stood in a circle and held me up while I let go of 5 days"

Back when they had the draft I had to show up for a physical exam with 40 or 50 other men. We were told to stand in a line naked. At one point they told us to bend over and spread our butt cheeks so the doctors could look in (for worms or whatever) with a flashlight."

When my mom gave birth to my sister the baby's head got stuck coming out. The nurses had my mom, naked, get on all fours on the bed, then they rolled her bed to the operating room. Because this was unexpected, they had to roll her through the hospital halls full of people staring."

One time in college I agreed to pose nude for an art class (for money). They called me constantly trying to make my schedule fit theirs. Finally when it matched up I went in and they wanted a "wrestling pose" with another dude. So there I was, naked, in a strained position with my arms around another naked dude, sweating, not moving, with a whole class full of people staring at us from every angle."

When I was in college I had my girlfriend sleep over in my top bunk. She woke up needing to vomit. I jumped up, naked, grabbed my wire mesh garbage can and held it up above my head for her to puke in. Only because it was dark, I didn't realize I hadn't put a new plastic bag in it. So there I am, holding a wire mesh can above my head naked while it's puked into when my roommate walks in. Happy ending: I ended up marrying that girl."

At my high school there was a supersoaker tournament among seniors. To be fair to people in the locker rooms, the rule was no shooting naked people. One morning I was getting ready to leave the house when I looked up at our CCTV screen (yes, my dad had a camera outside the garage door) and noticed two girls (two HOT girls) crouched behind my car with supersoakers waiting to get me before I even got to school. So I disrobed, grabby my supersoaker and opened the garage door. I shot one girl by surprise (she didn't think I could see her) and stood fully naked (and immune) in front of the other girl, soaked her and yelled the best victory scream you've ever heard."

I had just got out of the shower when I realized I had left my garage door open. I went to see if I could close it, naked, without anyone noticing. There was a guy in my garage trying to steal a box of booze I'd purchased for a party. I chased after him and yelled (too loud). I live on a busy street and tons of people heard me and stared, standing naked and dripping wet defending my box of booze from a thief."

I went to a backyard party with some "naturalists" (nudists). I'd been to nude beaches so I just went along with it. Then they all wanted to go inside for a game. Being a young female, I got nervous about what I was being roped into, but it was a mystery game, kind of like Clue, but without a board."

When I was in Japan a bunch of friends go out for drinks and it turns out one of the friends knows a huge J-Pop singer. Then an organized crime family calls the J-pop singer and asks if they can meet up. One of the organized crime dudes stands up to sing karaoke and as a joke strips. I think it's so funny I throw him a dollar. The organized crime dudes think THAT'S so funny they want me to go next. When I get up there they demand I take my clothes off. So there I was singing "Smells like teen spirit," naked, in a karaoke bar with a teen heart throb and the Japanese mafia."

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