I grew up listening to the radio, in an era when you couldn't just dial up a song anytime you wanted. You were at the mercy of your local DJ.

You had to sit by the radio with a tape recorder, and when a song came on that you liked, you pressed "record," hoping to grab the song in its entirety. The only issue was that at times the disc jockey's voice covered over your song. For me that didn't matter, though -- it just made the mix tape more interesting. I dedicate this blog to the various songs that have come and gone, but will forever remain in that Walkman of the past.

It was a huge song in 1997 and you couldn't escape "Torn".

Natalie Umbruglia eventually ended up with the Best New Artist award in 1998 from MTV due to the world-wide success of the song and her debut album sold "Left Of Nowhere" ended up selling 7 million copies.

Natalie was expected to be the next big star but alas it wasn't to be. She quickly entered the music scene and quickly excited just as fast.

You can't feel sorry for Natalie though, she was voted the 6th most naturally beautiful woman in the world in 2004 so I'd say things turned out alright for her.









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