When Patti first came to work at the Key, I didn't realize she'd be in a video for a #1 song of the '80s.

Patti was born and raised in the Minneapolis Minnesota area and if you didn't know it, Minneapolis was once a hotbed of amazing musicians and performers. It was the birthplace of musical greats like The Time and Prince. One band that is also from the area is the Jets.

If you grew up in the '80s, the Jets was a family band who struck gold with several hits like "Crush On You", "Cross My Broken Heart", "Rocket It 2 U", "Make It Real" and their #1 song "You've Got It All" and their videos were all over MTV back in the day

It's the #1 song of "You've Got It All" that Patti gets her little slice of fame. If you watch the video, you'll spy Patti in the crowd slow-dancing as the Jets sing along to the music.

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I asked Patti how she ended up in the video and she said she just happened to be at the Riverview Night Club when the Jets were filming the video. Patti did have a friend who dated one of the Jets members but even with that connection, she didn't get in on the filming without fate stepping in.

credit: youtube
credit: youtube

Patti was in the right place and the right time and now she's forever immortalized on celluloid!

Patti says the video starts at the world-famous Mickey's Diner. The diner is located in St. Paul and has been in continuous operation at the same location since 1939. The cool thing is that Mickey's Diner was made to resemble a railroad dining car.

We all have a little claim to fame and Patti is easily spotted in the video swaying to the music. Do you have a claim to fame? Let us know what yours is in the comments below.

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