I'm a huge history buff especially for America's history during World War 2. I've always been fascinated by how things were back then and it's almost night and day on how things looked compared to today.

The Tri-Cities is quite vibrant and growing in the year 2021 and our towns still have a wonderful future but it's also fun to look back at our colorful history.

Thanks to the Manhattan Project and the race to create the world's atomic weapons to put an end to World War 2, the Tri-Cities especially Richland saw the biggest growth.

There are lots of people who remember the former townsites of White Bluffs and Hanford and will recall the massive tent towns that sprung up to house the families and the workers that were working at Hanford.

A friend of mine posted a video about Hanford and "Camp Hanford".

The video is a historical look at the 1943 Hanford and 1948 North Richland trailer camps, which housed the workers of the secret WWII Manhattan Project.

I'm sure some people are old enough to remember the camps but it was well before my time. It's amazing to see the progress that has been made in the last 80 years since World War 2.

Check out the video above and learn all about "Camp Hanford" and how life was back in the 1940s in Richland.

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