The good people at Top Gear just let the world know that the fastest production vehicle in the world comes from a company right here in eastern Washington. West Richland to be exact. A top speed of a whopping 331 miles per hour.

Top Gear can exclusively reveal that Shelby SuperCars (SSC) North America has set a new production car top speed record, hitting a VMAX of 331mph and setting a two-way average of 316.11mph on a seven-mile stretch of closed road just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Climb on board for the outrageous 0-331mph run as Top Gear is granted exclusive footage from the guys that are making the full feature-length documentary of this epic endeavour, landing later in the year.

Looking forward to seeing the documentary when it comes out. In the meantime, the video tells the whole story. Imagine being in this car going that fast on land. The drive is a pro.

Top Gear has all the fine details on this story.

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