West Richland Police Department Has Come Up With A Brilliant Idea

Safety is a big deal these days and kudos to the West Richland Washington Police Department has come up with a brilliant idea that hopefully will be copied by other law enforcement departments.

facebook/west richland police
facebook/west richland police

How Does The Safe Area Work At The West Richland Police Department Work?

If you have bought anything off of Facebook marketplace or had an issue with an ex, The West Richland Police Department has set up safe exchange zone in front of the West Richland Police Department building.

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The Safe Exchange Zone is a great place and safe place to meet up for an exchange. According to the Facebook posting, the exchange can consist of purchases made online and child exchanges.

Here is what the West Richland Police Department posted:

The West Richland Police Department would like the public to know there is a safe exchange area in the police department parking lot. This area is to the left of the front doors. There are cameras to further assist in keeping people honest and safe. This can be used for a meet-up for purchases made online, child exchange, or for other reasons you would feel necessary.

So the nice thing is that I'm sure anyone in the Tri-Cities who needs a safe place to exchange items can do it in safety rather than worrying if you are going to get taken advantage of.

credit: west richland police
credit: west richland police

I'd love to see these zones pop up all over Washington State, it would be a great thing for all of us.

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