It's another Wet Nose Wednesday and we've got the cutest girl up for adoption from our friends at Pet Overpopulation Prevention.

Meet Lucy!

We do not know much about her past, but that does not really matter anyway as she is focused on living in the present. Her bio is long because there is a lot to know about her. She doesn’t want her forever humans to have any surprises.

This petite chihuahua/min pin mix is approximately 8 years old. She was enrolled into POPP's adoption program with another female chihuahua mix (named Baby) that we were told was Lucy’s daughter. The two look nothing alike so we really do not know for sure.

Lucy started out very unsure and had trust issues (with people and other dogs). Her foster mom is a dog trainer, and she has been helping Lucy learn everything she needs to know!

Lucy is potty pad trained but prefers using the doggy door to go out and potty. She has been around cats, has been making doggy friends (of all sizes), and has learned that meeting new humans is great too!

Lucy is crate trained, leash trained, and knows all the basics including coming when called. She is learning that it is fun to make new friends with people, loves spending time on her foster's lap, and loves to cuddle.

Lucy is active and likes to play but is not completely sure how to go about it, so she ends up becoming the “play police” when other dogs are having fun.

Lucy’s quirks: She does still guard her food and is grumpy if she must come out of her crate before she has said she is ready (a girl needs her beauty sleep). Lucy loves to talk. She is not a girl that barks just for the fun of it, but she does use her voice to communicate with her people.

Lucy does love spending time with Baby and would love it if they could both be adopted together, but they can be adopted separately (for information on Baby, please see her Pet Finder Bio).

If Lucy and Baby are adopted together, they should be the only two dogs in the house. If they are not, these two divas will take over, become the new rulers, and send an eviction notice to anyone else who lives there.

Without Baby by her side, Lucy can become friends with most any dog. If Lucy and Baby can not be adopted together, Lucy would love for someone her new person knows to adopt Baby so they can still see each other.

In Lucy’s forever home, she will need her people to help her learn the rules of the house by taking her outside to potty often and giving her some time to adjust to so many new things. A home without kids would probably be best for Lucy.

If you are interested in adopting Lucy, please complete their adoption questionnaire at

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