Want to give a woman something for her birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, having a baby, death in the family, Christmas, Mother's Day or just to say, "I'm thinking of you?" Flowers, flowers, flowers. But what about for a man?

1. six-pack of beer (micro-brews or locally-brewed)

2. batch of chocolate-chip cookies

3. Legos

4. Gift basket with junk food, alcohol, and maybe stuff with a sports team logo.

5. nice t-shirts

6. stuff that smells manly (cologne, shaving cream, aftershave)

7. Specialty meats

8. Cigar(s)

9. Any kind of food

10. Bag of his favorite coffee

11. ANYTHING with the logo of his favorite team

12. Anything baked at home

13. Some kind of utility knife

14. Any kind of flashlight




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