Every community in the Mid-Columbia is distinct and has features that set it apart. What are those for Prosser?

I can’t think of the Tri-Cities without imagining the Blue Bridge, Rattlesnake Mountain, the Pasco Farmer’s Market, Howard Amon Park and the old JCPenney building at the Columbia Center Mall. Last week we asked you what these things were for the Hermiston/Umatilla area. This week we want to know about Prosser.


If you’re from Prosser, what makes you homesick when you’re away? If you’ve lived there before, what did you/do you like about it? If someone blindfolded you, what sounds or noises would give away your location as Prosser? What are Prosser residents most proud of? If a child was doing a school project about Prosser, what would they HAVE to include in their project?


What are your favorite businesses in Prosser? Where do you go on dates or after a Mustangs football game? When relatives from out of town visit, where do you take them for dinner or to kill time on a Sunday afternoon? Who has the best pizza, milkshakes or steaks?

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