When I want to know something about anything, I Google it.  Google is the most used internet search engine, which, handles more than 5.4 billion searches each day.

Working in the media, I come across many different, in some cases, odd items of interest.

Today, I discovered a survey by the career website, Zippia, where they analyzed Google searches in every state, for the past five months.  Mind you, we're in a pandemic, so I can only imagine what some of the items people are Googling.

I use Google often for actor names, movie titles, cities, spelling, etc.  Now, with a little extra time on my hands, I must admit I've Googled former co-workers and recipes.  Lots, and lots of recipes.

Zippia has narrowed down each state's most interesting things Googled.

While most of the results are foods and hobbies, some of the weird topics searched were:  "How to become a YouTuber" in Indiana and in Maine, how to "Build a chicken coop."

One of the more popular topics is alcohol, including, the "Bloody Mary" in Wisconsin and "Day drinking" in New Mexico.

According to Zippia:

Using Google Trends, we determined the most interesting thing each state was googling more than any other state during quarantine. Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because people Google pretty transparently, with no self-conscious thoughts (cough, Cracker Barrel Alcohol, cough, Tennessee).

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from outdoor activities to DIY, copious foods and drinks, self-improvement…and not self-improvement. Interesting is subjective, selected based on what we thought was the most fun. Your opinion may vary.

We used a broad time period ranging from April 2020 to August 2020 as our “quarantine period.”

It's true.  We do have more time to use Google and you may be surprised at what some people are searching for.  Check out Missouri's result.  Seriously?

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