We've been running a poll asking people to vote on the No. 1 greatest holiday movie of all time. The film, "White Christmas" has a surprising number of votes. A few weeks ago we asked what movies people enjoy (but are not necessarily their No. 1) and a TON of people said "White Christmas." What is it?I was surprised to find out it's a cheesy Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye movie from 1954 featuring Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen. It was the first film from Paramount using a new process called VistaVision that was supposed to make the film higher resolution (read this article if you challenge that... I may have misunderstood).

It's got a lot of singing and dancing in bright costumes with plenty of pretty people smooching. The music is by Irving Berlin!

The plot seems kind of dumb: Two World War II Army buddies go into show business after the war and meet two sisters with a singing act (Clooney and Vera-Ellen). Romance develops (naturally). They end up at a lodge in Vermont run by a former Army commander. Feeling the commander was relieved of duty unfairly, and seeing his lodge has slow business (because of the lack of snow), the buddies and sisters organize a holiday television special set at the lodge! Simple misunderstandings create riffs between the love interests and everything works out at the end as snow finally falls and a "white Christmas" is inevitable.

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The late Rosemary Clooney was the aunt of our beloved George Clooney. What a singing sensation! I wouldn't mind watching "White Christmas" just for her. Vera-Ellen would make it easy to get my husband to watch: