It looks like with the summer season just about in full swing travelers are taking it to the city with their vacation plans.

According to the recent survey, about seven million of an expected 104 million travelers are planning to visit a major US city for their summer vacation. That is up nearly 3% from last year, according to the American Public Transportation Association.

The survey shows that Chicago will be the city most people travel to this summer, followed by Washington, DC and New York.

Here are some other interesting facts detailed in the survey, which consists of over 1,000 interviews:

  • Nearly 57% of travelers intend to use public transportation as a means for saving money and to avoid the stress of locating parking.
  • About 42% of city vacationers will use public transportation for sightseeing.
  • When going dining or for a night out, 31% plan to take the bus or the train – while 28% intend to use public transportation for shopping.
  • Around 28% of travelers plan to use public transportation to and from the airport.
  • Americans plan to stay closer to home this year.

The Most Visited US Cities This Summer:

1. Chicago
2. Washington, DC
3. New York
4. Los Angeles
5. San Francisco
6. Las Vegas
7. Boston
8. Atlanta

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