Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Workman was in the studio with us today talking about breast implants. He brought three types of implants (saline, old silicone and the new "gummy bear" silicone ones) along with a Bowie knife! We cut them open and played with the insides!

Saline implants are the most likely to "leak" if ruptured, but it's just saline! No problem. The old silicone implants will become oddly shaped if ruptured, and the insides are messy and sticky. After the initial implant the body creates a scar tissue barrier around the implant, so the ruptured silicone is not likely to enter the body, Dr. Workman said. However, the new "gummy bear" implants hold their shape and will not leave the pouch. In the case of a rupture (which are not common!) you'll be glad you got the "gummy bear" kind.

Watch us put them in the microwave!

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