I smile when I'm in Casa Mia because I love that Italian restaurant, too! How times change. It's a trippy feeling.

I remember when the first McDonald's Restaurant opened in Tri-Cities when I was a child. It was on Kennewick Avenue where Casa Mia is today. The line of kids was down the block. Ronald McDonald was finally here!

Earlier I blogged about Peanuts in Pasco. Other listeners said they remember reading about him in the newspaper, getting candy from him, seeing him but never talking to him, and one person remembers he used to collect old purses and hand them out to the little girls. What a cool guy.

Before that, I asked what you remembered about old tenants of Highlands Shopping Center near 395 and Clearwater. A lot of people miss when Hastings media store was there. Another said Best Bett Comic Book Store. Another said the fabric store, Payless Drug, the dollar store, the Pizza Hut, the Albertsons, the Halmark store -- and of course -- the drive in theater.