When the Chief of Police or authorities take the time to issue public information or a statement, a situation has had to have happened enough to cause concern.

The following statement was posted on the Hermiston Police Department's page and released to media Thursday:

"We have been notified by the street department that they have had a couple recent incidents where manhole covers have been opened and moved to the side. Please be aware of this as you walk about town. Just keep an eye on the ground in front of you and make sure you don’t step into a hole.
If you are curious, the manholes do not take you to an elaborate underworld to explore. Its actually pretty gross down there and is part of a public utility that can result in some problems for you if you’re caught messing around with them. It can be very dangerous in addition to the legal trouble you could find yourself in.
~Captain Travis Eynon"
    Included in that legal trouble would be any damage or injuries sustained by a car or driver if somebody doesn't notice, and plows their vehicle over or into one of these open holes.
    REMEMBER: This is HERMISTON --not the Pendleton Underground!

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