Greg Delange has been hearing strange noises at "Terror Behind the Screen." What were they?The thing about this situation you've got to understand is just how many hours Greg spends there. For the past month, every day when you hear him sign off at 3 p.m., he grabs his tools and heads over to the corner of Court St. and 20th in Pasco to join Big Jim. Inside Let's Party he and Big Jim have built a haunted house. Before it was open, Greg TWICE was working late at night with his headlamp being the only light in the entire 8,000-square-foot haunt. Suddenly, he heard big crashing noises just like falling light bulbs. When he went to investigate... nothing. This happened TWICE! He regularly walks every inch of that facility to make sure it's safe and ready for you, and he's never found anything broken. If someone else found something broken, they would come get Greg to clean it up. TWICE he heard the sound, and still nothing found.

A quick Internet search reveals this is typical of HAUNTED PLACES!!!

One ghost expert said it's common for light bulbs to blow out when  ghosts are near and she wrote this:

"I once heard many dishes fall very LOUDLY in my kitchen. When I went to see what happened, absolutely nothing was out of place. This happened again when a witness was present, so I couldn't pretend it was something I'd imagined after that!"

Another website said ghost activity is common during remodeling!

"Some theories suggest that remodeling and paranormal activity is inextricably linked, and one theory suggests that any spirits/entities attached to a location are displeased with the changes that remodeling produces so they act out accordingly. Meanwhile, other theories suggest that remodeling creates noise disturbances, and therefore is simultaneously creating vibrational disturbances as well."

So what do you think? Has Greg created a REAL haunted house?

Either way, stay away during the off-hours and come visit with other people every Thursday from 6-10 p.m. and every Friday and Saturday from 6-11 p.m.

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