Did You See Chandler Riggs In The Tri-Cities Lately?

Don't be surprised if you double-take over the next few months if you spot a Walking Dead star in the Tri-Cities area.

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Tri-Cities Washington on occasion gets celebrity sightings. Blake Shelton was recently in the area as well as Reese Witherspoon. As the Tri-Cities area keeps growing, filmmakers are looking at the region as a perfect place to film. Locations like Walla Walla and La Grande Oregon have become popular with directors for on-location filming.

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The former Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs is filming a new romantic comedy in La Grande Oregon over the next few months and if you bump into him at the local wineries and stores, you won't be surprised.

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According to Deadline.com, Chandler Riggs who is best known for playing Carl Grimes on the hit TV show Walking Dead will play a young man who brings his girlfriend home to rural Oregon to meet the family and things don't quite go as planned.

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It's a Christmas-themed movie called "The Breakup Season". The director had visited the Grand Ronde Valley in 2019 for the Eastern Oregon Film Festival and fell in love with the area, promising to return to film a movie in the area.

Riggs is the area for the next new months as filming commences. If you spot Chandler Riggs exploring Southeastern Washington and Eastern Oregon you won't be surprised by this celebrity sighting and why he's in the region.

You can read more details about the film here.


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