This is our Digital Media Editor, Pete, with his new best friend, Maverick. You may have also heard Pete on the air as 'Iceman.' Yes, the kid makes me proud as he wasn't even born when Top Gun came out, but he is a fan-deluxe. Maverick is a great name for a male wiener dog, and if he's anything like the two doxies I had for their whole lives, he's about to find out that there is a little 'maverick' in their personalities, too. Not to worry, Pete, that attitude won't be anything like our chihuahua LOL. Dachshunds are wonderful creatures and so full of love. They're also full of licks like most dogs, but we had one that licked and licked and licked. She never got tired of it and we would have to eventually make her stop. When she had puppy breath, it was much more acceptable. Later, as an adult dog, not so much.

So when Pete said he was going to pick up his new puppy, I shouted, "YOU GET PUPPY BREATH!" He, like many others I've run across, had no clue about the magic of puppy breath.

Puppy breath, when they lick your face, is oddly enjoyable. It's like the feeling you get when you smell the top of a baby's head. It's not something you want constantly, but it's somehow pleasurable.

But, as with all things, puppy breath and the baby's head smell eventually go away. I'm not sure why a baby's head smells so good, but wonderful puppy breath is due to their diet of mother's milk, puppy chow, and clean teeth. Enjoy it now, young Pete, because it will be gone in a few months or less, and then you just end up with loving kisses filled with regular dog breath!



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