Authorities are still trying to figure out what prompted a 31-year-old woman to assault patrons in a park, smash some car windows, then swim across the river to avoid capture.

Pasco police were called to Schlagel Park near 106 E. Washington Street for a report of a woman causing problems.

Around 6:30 pm, witnesses said Crystal Monique Rosselot pushed a boy off his bike, punched a woman in the face, then smashed several windows with a baseball bat. But when police arrived, she jumped into the Columbia and successfully swam across to the Kennewick side.

However, she was quickly met by Kennewick police officers who arrested and cuffed her. She's in the Franklin County Jail on various charges, including felony malicious mischief.

Nothing was said in reports, but we suspect officials might consider a psych evaluation to help provide answers to her behavior!