With our high wind warning today (45-60 mph) and blowing rain, hopefully most folks have the luxury of a safe place to work or staying at home. I'm thinking about our trucker friends today...very dangerous in those high-profile vehicles. Motorists should be on the lookout for trucks that have to pull over and wait it out.

What about those that have to travel to Spokane, Hermiston, Seattle or Yakima? The mountain passes can be super treacherous during storms like this. It's good to check the WSDOT cameras before you leave, but even if you're not going anywhere, it's a great way to watch the storm arrive. I've driven to Yakima a hundred times from the Tri-Cities and have never seen the Manastash Ridge camera...but it's there, hiding, always working. There are so many cameras to choose from in the link below! Choose 'Mountain Passes' on the right hand side for the most watched pass camera views.


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