The community is invited to join the WSU-TC Environmental Club and other like-minded community groups to clean up the area along the river in the Richland Wye.

Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee

This is a continuation of our regular cleanups at Bateman Island, and our second cleanup focusing on Wye Park. Meet at the Columbia Park Trail by Wye Park.

This is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY event! Come alone, with a friend, with your grandma, or with your entire singing-family-band!

Be prepared for inclement weather
Bring water and work gloves
No RSVP needed

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be sorting recycling at this year's cleanup. All bottles, cans, paper, etc. will be collected in the same plastic bags as the garbage. This is because most of the recyclables found at previous cleanups have been too dirty to recycle at local facilities.

Longer explanation: In previous years, we have provided separate bags for trash and recyclables, and then recycled what we can after the event. But we've discovered that much of what we collect is too contaminated to recycle, so the city just ends up throwing it away after we sort it and bring it to them. We have contacted both the Richland Transfer Station and Clayton Ward Recycling on this issue, and they agree that it is in our best interest NOT to recycle materials from the cleanup. We know that recycling is near and dear to many of our volunteers (as it is to us), and this was not an easy decision for us to make. We appreciate your understanding on this issue.

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