I think that no one celebrates Earth Day and it's a waste of time. It's supposed to make everybody think about ecology, environmental science, and conservation. My answer to that: Yeah.

So here are some ways to mark Earth Day without, you know, actually doing anything.

1. Participate in every event highlighted in the Tri-City Herald today (I couldn't find any).

2. Take extra interest in the earthquake stories happening in Washington and Idaho. (Is the "big one" coming? Will Yellowstone explode?)

4. Drop off an old cell phone for recycling at any Mid-Columbia Library, any police station or any Yolk's Fresh Markets. The bad stuff in phones will stay out of landfills and the good stuff will be sold to benefit victims of domestic abuse. All data will be cleared from phones.

5. Take an "Earth Selfie" with NASA. I barely understand this and will definitely NOT be participating, but if you'd like to support NASA in their Earth Day activities, go for it.

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