A Yakima Cop that pepper sprayed a teen at the Central Washington State Fair will not face criminal charges.

According to a release from the City Of Yakima, Officer Ian Cole acted appropriately when a boy refused to orders to get down to the ground. A video taken during the incident showed Officer Cole kicking the teen to the ground when he refused the order.

Here was the statement from the Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney Joe Brusic

“I hereby find that YPD Officer Cole reasonably believed he had to utilize this push kick to control (the boy) and bring a prompt resolution to the situation to preserve his and others safety,” Brusic wrote in a three-page letter. “His use of force, namely the pepper spray and one kick to the back, was reasonably and necessarily used to enforce compliance with his commands and to prevent further injury from all involved and/or watching the fight.”

The case isn't over yet as the family will now file a civil case against the officer and Yakima County.

You can get more details about the incident and the ruling here

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