A favorite singing memory happened very unexpectedly during a passport stamping in Egypt while working for Norwegian Crusie Lines. Normally we ply the Egyptian port officers with sweets and treats but the gentlemen in charge of the stamp this day were in a horrible mood. Once he was finished stamping all the passengers, thousands of passports so they all could go on excursions he said no to stamping the crew members and got up to leave. I don't remember who made the offer but we asked, "what if we sang you a song?" He was intrigued, "what song?" with a thousand crew members few hours of freedom weighing in the balance I said, "any song." I bet you can't guess what he wanted to hear.

Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On. Thankfully I LOVED that song and was able to pull it off after someone found me the lyrics. Egyptian Port authority was happy the crew passports got stamped, crises averted and I was VERY thankful to have been able to pull it off!
I tried out for Yakima's Got Talent, American Idol, and The X Factor and made it to the second round. I sang an original, but failed to tell them that and also had a weird conversation about why I  was willing to switch the last name once I got married. I figured I was awkward or that I gave up too much info on social media. I was trying to be koi and my Aunt put me on blast. Probably none of the above.

I went to dinner with Sir Mix A Lot and was asked to sing and I chickened out. I had a chance to submit some songs and got weirded out about copyrights like I'd be offering up gold and everything then everything would be stolen. When you don't have anything, you've got nothing to lose. Don't create obstacles for yourself, remember that. Ah, the moments and memories.

Singing at home has increased tenfold since the music app Smule was created, outside the home much less. I started getting too worked up and wasn't able to focus for like a week leading up to it and was nervous the whole time singing. Only released when it was over but I kept trying to work through it until I sang the National Anthem at a rodeo a few years back and in my opinion bombed. I stopped singing for a few years. A few years later I tried again at a Pippins game and was happy that I not only enjoyed the experience but also was happy with how I sang.

Tomorrow I'll sing the National Anthem at the Union Gap Farmers Market at 10 am and then sing some of my favorite songs until 11 am. I am a touch nervous but for the first time I have decided it's all about having fun and it doesn't matter if I don't hit all the notes or happen to mumble a bit. I'm getting to sing for family, and friends and get the opportunity to be the background music while people grab their veggies, food, and beyond for the holiday weekend. I am so thankful to have the opportunity so if you get the chance I hope you swing by.

A rule to live by, go for it. Always. Even when you're scared. Even when it's uncomfortable because the good stuff is in that sweet spot when you learn to let go.

Cheers from a work in progress aka Sarah J

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