That old adage of buyer beware sadly comes into play after a Yakima woman used her stimulus money to buy a jeep that burst into flames 30 minutes after she bought it.

Yakima Firefighters had to put out the blaze that occurred yesterday afternoon at about 6 PM on Nob Hill Blvd in Yakima.

The woman had just purchased the older Jeep Cherokee with her stimulus check.

She put down $1200 on the used vehicle and within 30 minutes, the vehicle was on fire off of Exit 82.

Firefighters received the call and rushed to the scene to discover the Jeep covered in smoke and flames.

The woman who bought the vehicle managed to get out of the vehicle when she noticed smoke billowing out of the engine compartment on Nob Hill Boulevard near Exit 82 as she headed for home after purchasing the vehicle.

The owner who sold the driver the car hasn't responded to phone calls or text messages after the incident.

Luckily the driver wasn't harmed in the fire but she sadly is likely out of the $1200 dollars she spent on the Jeep Cherokee.

You can read more details about the incident here.

I've bought a few lemons in my lifetime and when you buy from a private owner, it's even tougher to get remuneration back from the owner as they likely pocketed the money.

I think the driver might have a case in small claims court as I believe Washington has a lemon law and I believe that the driver does have a small claims court chance to get her money back.

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